Founded in 2009 as a subsidiary company of the Plambeck Holding AG we, enpevet Ltd., have pursued a high aim right from the start: Even if we cannot reform the whole world, then at least that of our four legged friends. Their wellbeing is close to our heart, and thus we had the wish of helping pet owners to preserve and protect this. The idea of enpevet - the online health assistant was born: After an intense development phase we allow all animal lovers access to an information and communication system today, with which you can ensure the optimal care for you four legged friend.

In doing so we attach great importance on up-to-dateness. With enpevet we offer you extensive and intelligible knowledge. Additionally, with our information we stand for quality assurance and trustworthiness. Against the often unknown and hence also dubious sources of many internet sites we set first-hand information from experts. Experts and specialists, such as veterinarians, authors and reviewers, have already written more than 1000 articles about animal diseases specifically for enpevet. These articles serve the well-being of your animal. The information to date equates that of an encyclopedia of 1000 pages and is continuously expanded.

Supported by these specialists a team of regular staff members has developed a computer application, with which the pet owners can bundle all health information of their four legged friends and beyond that can gain information from the most extensive encyclopedia for animal diseases via a symptom search. Lots of other useful functions such as email reminders for important dates and the facility to grant the veterinarian access to the file by clicking the mouse, provides pet owners with more security when dealing with their four legged friends.

Our wish is that enpevet contributes to further increasing the pleasure from your four legged friends. And of course we hope to support you and all parties concerned in keeping a secure eye on the health of your animals and thus prolonging their life.

Dr. med. vet. Julia Wöhrle Dr. med. vet. Julia Wöhrle studied at the veterinarian university of Hannover until 1997 and then received her doctorate at the local center for animal protection. As chief editor at enpevet she plays a substantial role in the choice of topics for the encyclopedia for animal diseases. The mother of two daughters coordinates our external staff members: authors, reviewers and photographers - none but veterinarians!
Dr. Uta Blaich Dr. Uta Blaich - Redakteurin für den Bereich Pferde. Studierte an der Hochschule Hannover Veterinärmedizin und promovierte 1990 zu dem Thema "Dopplerultrasonographische Untersuchungen zur uterinen Hämodynamik des Pferdes unter Berücksichtigung sexualzyklischer und degenerativ-endometrialer Einflüsse". Sie arbeitete mehrere Jahre an der Tierärztlichen Hochschule als wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin und bei dem Veterinäramt Wesermarsch als angestellte Tierärztin. Seit 2010 verfasst sie als Redakteurin für enpevet alle Artikel zum Thema Pferd.